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Sheri Y. Dean served on the bench for eight years and took her position very seriously.  Her dedication to upholding the law, commitment to justice and the community which she serves and her decades of experience make her the obvious choice for the 133rd District Court.

What the Lawyers Think

The lawyers that practiced in front of Sheri Y. Dean as the former Judge of the 309th District Court voted each year in the Judicial Evaluation Polls to indicate their opinion of the judges.  Her record speaks for itself
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Cases Heard

During her previous eight years experience as presiding Judge, Sheri Y. Dean heard cases valued from zero to half a billion dollars in a variety of areas including:



          - Valuations, property taxes, appraisals and tracing 

     ★ TORT

          - Interference of contracts, promissory notes, prenuptial and
            postnuptial agreements
     ★ CUSTODY
          - Insurance and disability, special needs, support


Sheri Y. Dean earned her Business Administration Degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 1976.  Following college, she worked many years with the family business that was engaged in the medical supply industry and retail clothing stores.  Subsequently, Sheri began a career with New York Life as a Health and Disability Insurance Professional and Life Insurance Agent.  As an accomplished agent, she became a member of the Million Dollar Roundtable and was recognized as a first year commission leader. 


Then, at the age of 34, she decided to follow her dream to become an attorney.  With her children, ages 8, 7 and 4 years old, Sheri Y. Dean accepted the challenge and left her home in Tyler, Texas to begin law school in Houston.  While working and taking care of her family, Sheri graduated in two and a half years from South Texas College of Law.  After graduating she began her own law firm and practiced law in Harris County for 18 years.



After practicing in her own law firm for 18 years in the areas of civil, insurance, social security and family law, Sheri Y. Dean was appointed by the Governor of Texas in 2010 to serve as the Judge for the 309th District Court.  Shortly after her appointment, she was then elected and continued to serve as your Judge of the 309th District Court until December, 2018. Sheri Y. Dean wants to continue to serve by being elected as your judge for the 133rd Judicial District. 


During her past tenure as judge for 8 years Sheri Y. Dean worked full time to clear backlogged cases, while making sure that litigants got their day in court and were heard. Sheri was known as a tough, but fair judge, making decisions on cases only after she had the opportunity to hear all the facts and circumstances. She took pride in making timely decisions based on the law and Constitution. 


Sheri Y. Dean was also a member of the Security Committee as well as the Jury Committee that streamlined the jury process to save thousands of dollars for Harris County citizens. Sheri’s business experience in the private sector for over 32 years and her eight years of judicial experience more than qualifies her to preside as Judge in the important 133rd District Court.



Sheri Y. Dean has been married to her high school sweetheart, Lance, for 45 years and has three wonderful sons and two lovely daughter-in-laws who have given her five adorable grandchildren.


Today, Sheri Y. Dean is well known in Harris County for her hard work and active participation in the community.  Sheri's record and participation reflects her loyalty, commitment and respect as a former judge and community leader.  She expanded her efforts as an elected official and public servant to reach out into the community on several projects, encouraging children and families to seek education thus increasing their opportunity for success.  Sheri has worked to be a part of the solution for others in need. She wants to continue work in the community and as a judge when elected to the 133rd District Court. Sheri Y. Dean will work full time to dispose of cases in a timely manner, while making sure litigants get their day in court and are heard.  



Get involved, it's all about the people!


Team Dean counts on the Harris County community to help spread the word and get votes.  Volunteer, donate, endorse, vote!

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